We have one of the largest client portfolios, with some of the biggest names in industry:

As advocates of positive change for the future, we are delighted to announce new collaborations with innovative start-up companies such as Rivian, pioneers of sustainable and electrical transportation, and Zoox, AI experts who build zero-emission autonomous vehicles.

Each of these companies have different requirements, different processes, all of which TECOSIM have adapted to quickly and efficiently and produced innovative solutions. Products we have supported service millions of end-users around the globe. Safety and quality cannot be compromised, and great trust has been placed in TECOSIM.

We strive to deliver excellence at all times!

We treat engineering like an art form:

At TECOSIM, we call it the Art of Engineering. This is due to the raw passion and endless enthusiasm our experts approach every project with. The results are exciting and innovative solutions which are also practical – we don’t just want to get the job done; we want to get it done perfectly. Not many companies get the chance to work on the focal point of the Olympic Games. For London 2012, we worked with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG).

Our objective: to develop the beautiful design provided by British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby into a flaming torch that must not go out. A challenge not many could overcome, considering the torch was to be taken up Mount Snowdon, whizzed down zip-wires and carried down white-water rapids. Using Computer-Aided Engineering, we achieved this whilst maintaining the original elegance of the torch. Truly the Art of Engineering.

Like our engineering solutions, we build relationships that last:

Our client retention is far higher than many other engineering firms. This is because we focus on constructing robust business relationships that go the distance. We know it’s far easier, time-centric and cost-effective for our partners to stick with one engineering company who can provide all the solutions they need, rather than switching to a new organisation. This is why we go the distance to ensure you won’t feel the need to allocate expenses to a new tendering process.

The power of over 500 engineering experts at your fingertips:

One challenge, one engineer is far from our ethos. No matter how many engineers or consultants we deploy on-site or allocate to your project, you will receive the full focus of TECOSIM’s international team.

Those assigned to work with you will collaborate with other experts no matter their location. This means you have access to the employee infrastructure of one of the world’s largest engineering companies for a fraction of the cost. Challenges are overcome in shorter amounts of time; research costs are reduced, and quality is enhanced – all thanks to our intricate and sophisticated engineering network.

Recognised internationally as a top employer:

Treating employees with respect and offering them responsibility, in our experience, results in three things.

Firstly, a happy workforce takes great pride in their work. It’s not just TECOSIM as a brand that wants to see fantastic results utilising innovation and creativity, it’s also the individuals themselves.

Secondly, how an employee is treated reflects on the relationship with a client. Management sets an example of professionality, kindness and going the distance for others which is also seen in our partnerships.

Thirdly, staff who enjoy their job are less likely to leave. This means we remain consistent and change is minimal. This aspect is vital to our project work with you, there will always be engineers who are familiar with your brand and processes. We are honoured to have a few awards on our mantle, including the Top Job 2017 Employer of the Year. Elements which contributed to this include our beneficial training programs and healthy work life balance.

Renewable Energy Recognition by ORE Catapult

TECOSIM UK have been working very closely with ORE Catapult from 2019. They have seen great potential within our business to grow and develop within Offshore Renewable Energy, so as a result, they have invited us to join a new initiative called “Powered By ORE Catapult”. The aims are to recognise highly promising companies who they collaborate with, and to help support marketing endeavours with the Powered By logo.

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