Engineering Consulting

How can TECOSIM’s consulting services benefit my business?

We are a leading product engineering development partner in Europe and a world-leading provider of engineering development services, but how does this benefit you and your organisation?

Each and every member of the TECOSIM team has access to a vast knowledge base. Thanks to our network of over 460 of the best engineers placed in various countries, there is no challenge we cannot overcome. If you’ve got an engineering problem, it’s highly likely that we’ve come up with a solution before. This means less time and money invested in research and added flexibility for you to focus on what really matters to your business.

  •  Design
  • Analysis
  • Engineering

On-site consulting solutions to make managing your business simpler

TECOSIM offers on-site engineering solutions to a wide variety of industry sectors such as:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Off-highway
  • Defence
  • Construction
  • Energy
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We will travel to a site of your choice, fitting in seamlessly with your company needs. No matter the size of your organisation, we offer support to your staff whilst working with your in-house engineering capabilities.

You don’t have to adjust your working practices or strategy. TECOSIM are flexible and adaptable, matching your way of working for uninterrupted integration.

Whether you’re looking for on-site support, off-site support or a completely contained hardware or software request, the TECOSIM team becomes your team.

Completely transparent and trustworthy working relationships

As soon as we have discussed your engineering resource requirements, we will supply a fully managed on-site team.

Tailored to your needs and entirely scalable based on your budget, they will work with your staff closely and collaboratively. A single project manager or team leader can be provided as your point of contact. This means you don’t have to discuss the same subject with multiple personnel, and you can enjoy streamlined and transparent communication.

Just need one member of the TECOSIM team?

If your project doesn’t require a number of engineers, we can deploy just one.

The advantage of this is you still get the knowledge of over 460 TECOSIM professionals, as all of our experts can collaborate freely to draw on further knowledge. This is perfect for smaller budgets.

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Our consultants have an outstanding reputation for delivering solutions of optimum quality and excellent services.

No matter how many TECOSIM engineers you take onboard, you still get the same level of trust and transparency.

The following roles are examples of how TECOSIM can support your company’s requirements:

  • Engineering Consultants
  • CAE / FEA Engineers
  • CAD Designers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Calibration Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Software / Hardware Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Testing Engineers / Technicians

Expert solutions from experienced engineers

Why work with multiple engineering companies, potentially slowing down the process and causing complications, when you can streamline a project with TECOSIM?

We have the capabilities to deliver engineering expertise which could take time extracting from a multitude of businesses. Our packages are simple and supportive, benefiting you from our first discussion to product launch and beyond. We eliminate the hard work, identifying what services you require and creating bespoke engineering solutions which just make life simpler.

Partner satisfaction guaranteed

We work with you, as partners, rather than the traditional approach of customer and engineering solution provider.

No issue is too small, and no challenge is too vast for TECOSIM. When we partner with you, we do so with one goal, to ensure you are satisfied with the service. Any questions you have will be answered, providing you with a relaxed experience knowing your project is under control.

This can be demonstrated by our vast portfolio of partners, many of which we still work with closely. You can view case studies here for further information.

Worry-free projects

From hands on engineering support for early product development through to fully managed turnkey engineering service solutions – every project, client and goal is unique.

Thanks to our vast experience across different sectors, no matter the complexity of your requirements TECOSIM have it completely in-hand.

You can send your concept to us, as well as complete responsibility, and not have to worry about it. Now you really will have time to focus on the other things that matter to your business.

Seamless product improvements

Need a product optimised? Look no further than TECOSIM where we practice entirely seamless product performance enhancement methods.

Not only can we take your product to the next level, we will work to bring down the cost and weight of prototypes. All this without compromising on quality!

How is this possible? With the world’s leading team of experts in:

  • Design
  • Research
  • Engineering
  • Analysis
  • Project management
  • Testing
  • Manufacture consulting