Computer-Aided Engineering

What is Computer-Aided Engineering?

Computer-Aided Engineering, or CAE, is one of our core and most sought-after TECOSIM services. This incredibly advanced and beneficial technology allows us to test and examine your products in a virtual world.

It’s an essential part of the TECOSIM process because we simulate and demonstrate any engineering challenges and solutions before you commit to investing in the prototype build. By utilising CAE, you save money and time whilst capitalising on the highest quality solution possible. This is very difficult to achieve with traditional engineering methods.

We only use the latest CAE technology, ensuring you get the very best service. By combining a range of tools, we can identify and tweak areas to improve product performance.

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Finite Element Analysis/Finite Element Model (FEM)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)/Finite Element Model (FEM), is a unique, computer-based method of simulating and analysing behaviours of engineering structures and components. This is a necessary engineering tool to use to minimise lead times. Thanks to the sophisticated technological capacity of the FEA tool, it saves time during the prototyping phase of a project.

It works by taking the product and segmenting it into countless finite elements. Algorithms are then used to predict a product’s behaviour when subjecting it to physical effects such as:

  • Cyclic Loading
  • Motion
  • Heat transfer
  • Fluid flow
  • Electrostatics
  • Stress
  • Vibration

Want to see an example of FEA being used in a project? Click here to read this interesting case study.

Jargon-free reporting

Every simulation we run on your project will be fed back to you. Our analytical experts will report on the results in a clear and concise way, removing any jargon. This reporting can be used to support your decision-making process, which we are happy to advise on.

TECOSIM want to make it as easy as possible for you to make the next step to your business-changing solution.

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