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A placement year can be quite daunting, especially when you don’t know what to expect. Maybe you don’t feel good enough for the working world or don’t even know where to begin looking for the right type of placement. Some students are unaware of when they can take a year out of their University course to go on placement. Typically, during the third year.
TECOSIM believe it is vital to invest in graduate and placement engineers because they are so important to the growth of the business. This could be through shadowing and learning from soon to retire expert engineers so that their knowledge can be passed on or helping talented individuals to identify the path that’s perfect for them within the organisation.
If you are an Engineering student thinking about whether a work placement is the right choice for you, we have listed some key benefits which may help you with your decision.

1. Building Confidence
As a business employing new students for their placement, we are aware that you may not have stepped foot in the working environment before. We use this opportunity not only to provide training and education, but also to develop you as an individual by working on communication skills with colleagues and managers and by helping you to step out of your comfort zone. Should you excel at this, you may also be given the opportunity to gain great experience by working on live client projects.

2. Testing Your Career Path
Sometimes the company you pick may not work out as expected; something you will learn very quickly. In deciding to do a placement year, you are able to filter out what you like and don’t like when it comes to learning, working environments, and the department you are in. This opportunity will help to confirm whether working for that company is what you want to pursue after your studies.

“As an example, TECOSIM specialises in CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) as well as Finite Element Analysis (FEA)/Finite Element Model, Design, Analysis and Engineering within the Automotive, Aerospace, Off-Highway, Defence, Construction and Energy sectors..”

3. Standing Out After Graduation
A work placement helps you to stand out from the crowd, makes your future applications attractive to the employer and also increases your chances of getting employed. Additionally, it also helps the chances of securing a position within the company you completed your placement with, especially if you made a good impression.

Our Approach

TECOSIM like this approach as we get to build an important relationship with you during your placement, meaning we can place you directly onto a postgraduate scheme to take you to the next level. Placement experience is also beneficial as you can continue to put theory into practice from what you have learned.
TECOSIM visit many graduate fairs each year. This year, we hired two placement students from Anglia Ruskin University to work with us and to give them as much valuable training as possible. They have both kindly written testimonials for us to share.

George – November 2019
“The main benefit of doing a placement, especially at TECOSIM is the insight it has given me into industry standards and practices within CAE, something that a University course alone would not be able to give, as well as learning how to use software and tools that can be a requirement to have when joining a company. The experience I have gained as a result of the placement is extremely beneficial in terms of current engineering knowledge and personal development. It has allowed me to comfortably transition from education to the workplace and as a result, has relieved a lot of pressure that comes with it. The experience I have gained and the connections I have made from working at TECOSIM will be invaluable in pursuing a career in the automotive CAE industry, which has been a passion and a goal of mine for some time.”

Emmanuel – November 2019
“Doing a work placement at TECOSIM has broadened my knowledge of the automotive industry. The tasks I did were very relevant to my course and I could apply what I had learned from my University modules. Finishing the placement resulted in me feeling more confident to start my final year. In addition, deciding to do a placement helped confirm that working in the automotive industry was indeed my passion and that I should keep pursuing it. I used to think I wasn’t prepared to enter the workplace, but after doing the placement, I am ready and confident to take on challenges that I will encounter in the future.”.


What defines us against the rest

  • We have a good relationship with students and Universities that would recommend us as a reputable employer in this industry.
  • Students, Graduates and Placements will not feel under-utilised during their time here
  • Gaining the work experience has been just as valuable as the university course

Why choose TECOSIM as your employer?

Here at TECOSIM, we are able to provide many opportunities in terms of projects and travel. We are a leading engineering company, with branches around the world including the UK, Japan, India, Germany and Romania. TECOSIM works with companies from a wide variety of industries, namely: automotive, energy, technology, construction and health. With that being said, you will never have a dull, unfulfilled day working for us.

If you are interested in a career with us, please see our Join Us page.

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