New Prototype Chassis from TECOSIM: Along with its engineering partners, we have developed a new prototype chassis, made of aluminium, designed to benefit manufacturers due to its light weight and scalable construction.

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Delivering innovation to the automotive industry

TECOSIM UK, along with its engineering partners, has recently developed a new platform to save the automotive industry time and money. The prototype chassis, made of aluminum, will benefit manufacturers due to its lightweight and scalable construction.


From TECOSIM’s UK head office in Basildon, Essex, the team identified a common pain point in vehicle design with traditional steel or alloy frames and worked on the solution together with Gerber Engineering, Corum Technology and Delta Motorsport. Having made a debut appearance at the recent LCV show, there has been significant interest in this promising innovation.


Understanding the potential needs of customers, TECOSIM designed the prototype to be ready for full autonomy as well as being able to use both steer and drive by wire technology. The concept features a ‘flat top’ to provide maximum flexibility on the driver, passenger and luggage locations. At a time when companies are increasingly climate-conscious, the lighter frame design will also benefit the environmental impacts of vehicle design and assembly.


As go-to engineering specialist for the Automotive industry, working with the likes of BMW, Porsche, McLaren, Ford and Jaguar Land Rover, TECOSIM is confident this latest project will be positivity received by the sector.


TECOSIM Company Profile

Anthony Parker, Lead Project Engineer at TECOSIM, who runs the project, said, “Commonly the design and development of a chassis structure is repeated many times until it meets all the criteria required. Our team noticed that this process is transferable across many applications and that there is a strong business case in developing something that will ease this process.

The Solution

We have enjoyed collaborating on this project with other industry experts and the concept is a real testament to joining minds together to achieve a common goal.”


The development process of any vehicle comes at a considerable cost and can take a long time to complete. By addressing these problems often experienced in the standard development process, this lightweight, safe and scalable design will allow vehicle developers to refocus their resources on improving the technology and automation.


Following on from the initial success, TECOSIM has produced a second prototype which is being built into a running driving demonstrator by Delta Motorsport and is expected in the coming weeks. With commercial discussions already underway, the future for this innovative project is certainly bright and will help the automotive industry significantly.

TECOSIM is a UK leading engineering company, with branches around the world including the UK, Japan, India, Germany and Romania. Incorporating the company’s specialism in Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), the team of highly skilled engineers deliver agile projects within budget and of the highest quality. TECOSIM works with companies from a wide variety of industries, namely: automotive, energy, technology, construction and health. TECOSIM uses state-of-the-art technologies and innovation to create efficient and clean solutions, keeping its clients ahead of the competition. These elements are what define TECOSIM’s ‘Art of Engineering’.

  • Prototype to be ready for full autonomy as well as being able to use both steer and drive by wire technology
  • Identifying common pain point in vehicle design
  • Collaborating successfully with other companies

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