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Wind Technology

Leading Engineering company, TECOSIM, is on track with its three-year project to discover new, scalable materials to use in the construction of wind turbine rotor blades. The CAE and CFD specialist has teamed up with Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany, to carry out its research.

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Head Office Growth

Following recent success, TECOSIM UK, a world-leading engineering company, has expanded its head office in Basildon, Essex. The company has also developed its engineering technical facility in Leamington and its newest office in Cluj, Romania. This recent growth will help to boost jobs in the local area and re-affirm TECOSIM’s position as a leading UK engineering firm.

Press Release, Essex Mag: Local Engineering Firm Growing Click Here

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New Prototype Chassis from TECOSIM: Along with its engineering partners, we have developed a new prototype chassis, made of aluminium, designed to benefit manufacturers due to its light weight and scalable construction.

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Placements at TECOSIM

A placement year can be quite daunting, especially when you don’t know what to expect. Maybe you don’t feel good enough for the working world or don’t even know where to begin looking for the right type of placement. Some students are unaware of when they can take a year out of their University course to go on placement. Typically, during the third year.
TECOSIM believe it is vital to invest in graduate and placement engineers because they are so important to the growth of the business. This could be through shadowing and learning from soon to retire expert engineers so that their knowledge can be passed on or helping talented individuals to identify the path that’s perfect for them within the organisation.
If you are an Engineering student thinking about whether a work placement is the right choice for you, we have listed some key benefits which may help you with your decision.

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Electric Vehicle Blog

TECOSIM have established that although electric vehicles are the future, not enough people share their own experiences living with them. A fast amount of people do not know the benefits or negatives that could impact their everyday life, so we thought, how can we engage with our followers, clients, staff and friends to raise awareness of electric vehicles? Both of our Directors at TECOSIM both own an Electric Vehicle which they use for work and personal use. As a company, we have been fortunate enough to learn first hand what living with an electric vehicle is really like, from an honest perspective.


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